Orlinski Design signs the design of a Maserati GranCabrio Sport, offered at a digital auction orchestrated by the Haussmann Spring. The funds raised at this auction were donated to the association Les Bonnes Fées, created in 2015 by Sylvie Tellier and now bringing together 16 Miss France. Orlinski Design represents the world of the artist through these facets highlighting the racer and luxurious line of this sporty convertible. This project marks a point in the artist's enthusiasm for the automotive industry and once again demonstrates his charitable commitment in a world that is dear to him: childhood.








Design / Personalization of a Maserati





Orlinski Design is a design and interior design agency, which identity’s based on the boldness and the complementarity of two multidisciplinary artists. True Laboratory of ideas and creation, Orlinski Design builds bridges between the sculptural and strongly contemporary universe of Richard Orlinski and daily life, relied on all the esthetic and technical expertise of Xavier Cartron. More than a simple exercise, Orlinski Design questions and shakes up our habits, offers to set up everyday life in a positive dimension, to carry with “an open-heart” emotion and imagination, to visualize and make reachable creation as a stakeholder of future. Then, from the smallest design product to the biggest architectural project, Orlinski Design thinks about every facet of a project, to respond to every desire, every ambition that could awake optimism.

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