Intimate place par excellence - the home must look like its owner; it tells the owners story and transmits his/her values. It can take the form of a villa, a townhouse, a mansion, a palace to adapt to everyone's lifestyle.

In order to do this, our teams establish a permanent dialogue with the Client in order to make each project unique and individual.

The diversity of our know-how allows us to provide support from your Project Architecture to the choice of furniture, lighting, fabrics and up to the decorative items as a turnkey project.

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Accustomed for many years to the protocol and the particular organization which is essential to this type of construction, Xavier Cartron Group places its expertise at your service.

Our teams are able to adapt to all architectural and ethnic styles. The Project can take the form of an Embassy, ​​a Palace, a Ministry, a Place of Worshiping or other.

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Hotels in the 21st Century are no more places to sleep or dine in, but place to entertain and feel happy.

We create unique and warm atmospheres from the Reception Desk to the Guestrooms as well as the SPA and the F&B Facilities to leave you with unforgettable experiences.

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Xavier Cartron Group regularly embarks with the most ambitious and mixed-use projects like the design of a New City, the Development of a River area and many others. Conscious of the direct impact on the life of the inhabitants, we take great care to the smallest details in designing complex projects.

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