The project we devised for the restoration of the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral is contemporary and roots from our current time. It is not a question of bringing fantasy to such historical and sacred place, but rather echoing the architectural prowess displayed during the construction of this building. The stainless steel used in our design marks the evolution of the construction methods and material that human engineered. Like Gothic architecture; with it essence to approach divine through richness, slenderness and the sublime, we too wished to express this transcendence through a monumental, aerial, tapered and luminous construction. The roof is composed of sculptural elements that unfolds over the entire existing structure. At the crossroads of the transept, in place of the arrow of Viollet-le-Duc, a set of metal roots become entangled in a flamboyant movement.


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6 144 m²


Xavier Cartron Agency disposes of a modern and comprehensive its infrastructure for developing studies using AUTO-CAD software. The concept design images are developed in 3D. However, Xavier Cartron still gives a great importance for a tangible approach in finding the sensitivity and the essence of the project expressed on paper by the designer’s hand. Some clients favour traditional design approach in their project, Consequently, Xavier Cartron offer them the opportunity of discovering the charm and sensitivity of hand-drawn perspectives, water colour elevations, redrawn and shaded motives. These projects are afterwards expressed in digital images in line with the actual modern communication techniques. It is quite usual for our Agency to manage major large size projects in many different parts of the world. As a result, all teams are used to dealing with different international standards and norms.

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