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Xavier Cartron Group

Xavier Cartron has created his Design Firm “Xavier Cartron SAS” in 2000 specialized in Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Decoration for Palaces, Private and Official High-End Residences, Hospitality Projects and Mosques.

With the different complimentary organizations under “Group Cartron”, the Group managed to design and realize more than 1,300,000.00 m2 of surface floor which made its management flexible and fully skilled to respond to different Clients and Projects.

Core values

Passion –
A Passion for creative design.

Commitment –
A Commitment to serve our clients’ needs.

Innovation –
The thirst for creation and desire to innovate by a team of passionate people.

Individuality –
Each space is a project on its own and each detail is carefully examined.

Perfection –
Striving for Perfection by developing the design product over the years.

Xavier Cartron Portrait

Xavier Cartron

With a spontaneous and entrepreneurial character, Xavier Cartron reveals a particular desire and praise for Art and Interior Architecture.

He studied at “Compagnons du Devoir” and did his training with renowned architects, and is filled with values ​​that will remain his daily reference of his professional life: passion for work, respect for excellence, love of know-how.

Quickly, his talent and fluency lead him to travel the globe and assert himself in the tradition of interior architecture known as “French”. His wealth, which lies in his ability to constantly push back the limits of the conventional and to play unrestrained cultural crossbreeding, allows him to invest fully in each of his projects: hotels, private residences, palaces.

Today, he creates with freedom and generosity singular and exclusive worlds for the greatest of this world, draws exceptional projects, turnkey, in a style always mastered and renewed.

Kifah Laham

Passionate, creative and organized, it is quite natural that Kifah Laham is oriented towards interior architecture.

Graduate of the Lebanese American University in Lebanon; this lover of architecture and design, has always been inspired by the creative fields.

Very quickly his knowledge, perseverance and ability to lead are felt. He was entrusted with ambitious international mega projects such as Airports, Hotels and Resorts, Corporate Buildings and Universities. Then the Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi; a project of unique scale and complexity, comes to reward his efforts.

With the watchword «quality close to perfection», this de-termined professional ensures that each project implemented under his direct management is based on historical references and guidelines.

By joining Xavier Cartron Group as a partner, Kifah Laham puts his knowledge at the service of the agency’s international projects according to his creative vision.


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